You really helped me learn about and discover my own musicality, and you made playing in percussion ensemble and learning about contemporary music so fun!  --A.K.

​. . . thank you for hosting such an enjoyable camp.  It was a complete blast and I learned so much. --C.I. 

​Thanks again for being such a wonderful and patient teacher.  I really feel like he enjoys this, and it has been pretty awesome to watch his improvement each week. --A.S.

​Thank you, thank you, thank you! He was so happy after his lesson with you. He came in and went over a list of goals and things that you guys talked about him doing. It was awesome seeing that spark in him again. --H.Z.

​I wanted to let you know that [she] had such a great time at the ensemble, that she wanted to cancel the trip to Disneyland and instead attend the ensemble practice....I’m so glad how much fun she’s having with music!  ​--J.K.

Bravi on your incredible performances with TSFY [Toyota Symphonies for Youth]!!  You were one of the biggest highlights of the program . . . Thank you for sharing your talents with our audiences! ​ --LAPhil

Thanks.  It was great working with you these past three years . . . the ensemble pieces that you assigned our percussion section each semester were really fun. . . .  Keep bringing in new, exciting and fun pieces for next year's percussion ensemble.  --R.G.

 . . . [thank] you for presenting the master class to our students on Friday-it was phenomenal.  The clarity of concepts addressed and application to the repertoire was expertly presented.  What a great lesson for our students!  ​--Cal Poly Pomona

I've been the principal percussionist in my school's orchestra for the past semester, and I just got word that we will be performing "Scheherazade" in the spring .  I thought you would enjoy hearing that since I probably wouldn't be familiar with the piece at all if you hadn't introduced me. In fact, I may not have decided to play in orchestra at all. So thanks for the inspiration! Studying with you . . . has definitely given me an advantage over the other percussionists here.  --Q.P.

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